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Reviewer Date Map Last Saved Map Remark Number of good cells available /
used for envelope calculation
Kathleen K. Reyes2016-06-23*Lost PicFishBase-reviewed:
Adjusted depth envelope from 0m/0m/7m/12m to 0m/0m/12m/20m (FishBase Refs. 089972, 005227). Increased minimum sea surface temperature from 7.1ºC to 11ºC. Maximum surface salinity kept at... More

Kathleen K. Reyes2008-10-29*Lost PicFishBase-reviewed:
Hard boundaries at northern and southern limit suggest suitable areas beyond predicted species range. Map regenerated using FAO Areas map view option to show natural boundaries emerging from species environmental envelope. This however extends predicted range into temperate waters. Surface salinity maximum... More

2016-08-01 00:00:00*Lost PicComputer Generated Native Distribution Map2479