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used for envelope calculation
Kathleen K. Reyes2010-08-05 20:02:18 **Lost Pic FishBase-reviewed:
Removed FAO Area 51, adjusted bounding box from 70ºN/48ºS/180ºW/180ºE to 74ºN/58ºS/169ºW/180ºE. Minimum SST increased from 2ºC to 5.2ºC; minimum surface salinity from 31.3 to 33.1. Preferred maximum and maximum primary production decreased from 1867 to 900, and from 3781 to 1150, respectively. Maximum ice concentration lowered from 0.04 to .001. Predictions along much of NW and SW Atlantic, Iceland to mid-Atlantic, Gulf of Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean not supported by... More

2014-02-11 00:00:00*Lost PicComputer Generated Native Distribution Map111