Freshwater AquaMaps
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Freshwater AquaMaps is a joint project of FishBase, the Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences, the Royal Museum for Central Africa, the Swedish Museum of Natural History, and the U.S. Geological Survey.

We would like to acknowledge the following for their valued assistance:

Eli Agbayani, initial web programming
Jonathan Ready, assistance with extraction and evaluation of environmental parameters
Regina Andersson, assistance with processing of lake parameters
Nicklas Wijkmark, addition of verified point data
Elijah Laxamana, data collation for Aquamaps for the Americas
Jeniffer Conejar-Espedido, map validation
Marianne Pan, map validation
Rodolfo Reyes, map validation
Arlene Sampang, map validation

Rainer Froese, GEOMAR,
Kristin Kaschner, UBC, model
Sven Kullander, NRM, extension to
Jonathan Ready, NRM,
Tony Rees, CSIRO, mapping
Cristina Garilao, GEOMAR, web
Josephine Rius Barile, Q-quatics, database programming and data
Kathleen Reyes, Q-quatics, map

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Kaschner, K., J. Rius-Barile, K. Kesner-Reyes, S.O. Kullander, T. Rees and and R. Froese. 2013. AquaMaps: Predicted range maps for aquatic species. World wide web electronic publication,, Version 08/2013.

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