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Species ID Species Latest Reviewer Date of Latest Review Rating AquaMaps Version No. Reviewed Maps
1.Fis-53544Abalistes stellarisKathleen K. Reyes2017-05-23 2
2.Fis-142700Abalistes stellatusRainer Froese2009-12-16 1
3.Fis-27725Ablabys taenianotusKathleen K. Reyes2011-06-20 1
4.Fis-22975Ablennes hiansKathleen K. Reyes2018-01-09 1
5.Fis-31491Abudefduf lorenziKathleen K. Reyes2008-11-09 1
6.Fis-28218Abudefduf luridusElizabeth Bato2017-11-21 2
7.Fis-25761Abudefduf notatusArlene Sampang2011-03-02 1
8.Fis-23318Abudefduf saxatilisKathleen K. Reyes2008-12-15 1
9.Fis-26803Abudefduf sparoidesArlene Sampang2012-06-14 1
10.Fis-26922Abudefduf troscheliiArlene Sampang2011-02-25 1
11.Fis-26228Abudefduf vaigiensisKathleen K. Reyes2008-07-10 1
12.Fis-50764Abyssobrotula galatheaeThe Rabosky Lab2018-01-15 2
13.ITS-97319Acanthacaris caecaKathleen K. Reyes2007-11-28 1
14.Fis-22840Acanthistius brasilianusRodolfo Reyes Jr.2011-03-15 1
15.Fis-26768Acanthistius sebastoidesRodolfo Reyes Jr.2011-03-15 1
16.W-Msc-381057Acanthocardia tuberculataPat Sorongon2017-02-14 1
17.Fis-131546Acanthochaenus luetkeniiThe Rabosky Lab2018-01-15 1
18.Fis-26242Acanthochromis polyacanthusKathleen K. Reyes2015-07-06 1
19.Fis-22735Acanthocybium solandriKathleen K. Reyes2018-01-30 3
20.ITS-93982Acanthohaustorius millsiMarianne Pan2011-03-04 1
21.W-Msc-180823Acanthomenia arcuataJeniffer Conejar-Espedido2011-03-09 1
22.Fis-33095Acanthonus armatusThe Rabosky Lab2018-01-15 1
23.Fis-25680Acanthopagrus berdaKathleen K. Reyes2017-01-31 1
24.Fis-25176Acanthopagrus bifasciatusKathleen K. Reyes2017-02-01 1
25.Fis-26067Acanthopagrus latusKathleen K. Reyes2017-01-27 1