Standardized distribution maps for over 33,500 species of fishes, marine mammals and invertebrates

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TIPS to make best use of AquaMaps
1. Web Browser Settings:
A. AquaMaps is currently works best with FireFox Mozilla (especially if you want to use the Create Your Own Map routine).
B. Check that your browser properly opens PDF documents. In Mozilla:

1. Go to Tools -> Options -> Applications
2. Scroll down to Portable Document Format (PDF) and select 'Use Adobe Acrobat (in FireFox)'
3. Click OK


Downloading and using maps:

A. Right-click on the picture/graph. Then "Save Image As..." file to disk.
B. Always use the JPG extension for the filename (e.g. pic_Fis-29394.jpg).
C. Properly cite each downloaded map. See number 3.


Deep-linking to various AquaMaps pages:

A. Biodiversity species lists
AquaMaps displays a list of species predicted to occur in a particular coordinate or c-square code. To link to this page, change the coordinate (&xlat= and &xlong=) or the C-square code (&csc=) parameter values in the URLs provided below. One can deep-link to any of the six pre-defined species groupings by changing the map (&mapx=) parameter value.

To link via coordinates:
To link via c-square code:

Map mapx
Marine Biodiversity Map all
Shark and Ray Biodiversity Map sharks
Bony Fish Biodiversity Map bfish
Invertebrate Biodiversity Map inv
Deep-water Species Biodiversity Map deepwater
Marine Mammal Biodiversity Map speciesoccursum_mm

Note: The bottom of any Species List page includes fields that allow users to enter a specified coordinate or c-square code and retrieve its corresponding species list.


Species maps
AquaMaps allows third-party websites to deep-link to its online species maps (example). To link to AquaMaps species pages, change the genus (&Crit1_Value=) and species (&Crit2_Value=) parameter values in the URL provided below. &Crit1_FieldType=CHAR&Crit2_FieldName=scientific_names.Species&Crit2_FieldType=CHAR&Group=All&Crit1_Operator=EQUAL&Crit1_Value=Gadus& Crit2_Operator=CONTAINS&Crit2_Value=morhua&CoL=0

Note: If more than one map is available for a species, a list of maps is displayed.