Standardized distribution maps for over 33,500 species of fishes, marine mammals and invertebrates

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AquaMaps Services
The AquaMaps team, supported by the FishBase and SeaLifeBase teams, can assist you in using AquaMaps and its routines. We can create new thematic, taxonomic and species richness maps specific to your purposes billed as contract services.

  • Species richness maps of a given geographic area like fishery statistics zones (e.g., NAFO or ICES zones) including from any GIS shape file
  • Species richness of half-degree cells with given properties (e.g. depth, coastal zones)
  • Maps for any taxonomic group(s)
  • Maps for any given topic recorded in FishBase or from a file provided by requester (e.g. only migratory fishes)

We are also interested to be partners in funded projects that would make intensive use of AquaMaps for developing new tools and/or encoding new data.

Contact Gabriel Reygondeau and/or Kristin Kaschner for conditions and costs.

AquaMaps is supported by:
European Commission
Global Biodiversity Information Facility
Ocean Biogeographic Information System
The Pew Fellows Program in
Marine Conservation
U.S. Geological Survey

AquaMaps was supported by:
WorldFish Center