Note: This version is based on maps generated in previous exercises and only includes only species currently mapped in a single FAO area. Based on the small subset, it does not represent global species richness.

Freshwater Biodiversity Map: click on the map to obtain local species list for that area. Dataset Extent Map
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Kullander, S.O., K. Kesner-Reyes, J. Rius-Barile, C. Garilao, K. Kaschner, T. Rees, and R. Froese. 2015. Freshwater AquaMaps: Predicted range maps for freshwater fish. World wide web electronic publication,, Version 08/2015.


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Species ID:
Species No.
   152 - 264
   88 - 151
   51 - 87
   29 - 50
   17 - 28
   10 - 16
   6 - 9
   4 - 5
   3 - 3
   1 - 2